”Marcus Bagge is a master photographer with an approach and technique that are not only functional but also expressive. I want to highlight the importance of the personal touch he have put into this work, and the personal nuances I see in both the approach and strategy. 

His approach seems to be opting to blur the line between straight documentation and visual poetry in a manner that feels authentic. I could mention the influences I noticed that possibly have forged his style and aesthetics over the years, influences perhaps from photographers such as Christer Stömholm or Anders Petersen, but what matters to me the most is that everything in the aesthetic framework, his photographs fall under, can be read as authentic. 

Every influence if any has been sufficiently digested and every impression he might have embraced has been transmogrified into something new. The result is the expression of a vision that seems to be exploring the gray area between the social being and the monster we all carry within. Despite the intense element of randomness and/or coincidence, and at some point, the extreme spontaneity in the work, I see a cohesive perspective and mindset and a strategy that helps me to connect with the subject and by extension with his viewpoint in a much more meaningful manner. 

The highest form of awareness a visual storyteller can reach is the ability to stream their soul and vision into their artwork. To become this possible the artist needs to be aware of their distinctive way of seeing things, so as to transfer them into the image. I think this is really brought to awareness in his distinctive way of seeing things, at least that's the message I get from this work here.”

Review by Editors of MAGNUM Photo

Ett omfattande uppdateringsarbete är pågående och jag lägger ut nytt material från förr och nu nästan dagligen.

Nedan ett urval...

Nakenhet förekommer!

"Räddade Själar"

En beige kostym

Ett samarbete med textförfattaren Elin Björkman. En novell som behandlar temat "Vad är viktigt på riktigt".

Novellen är än så länge publicerad som ljudbok.

Ur Arkivet från längesedan...


Ett längre samarbete med Svenska kyrkan, st. Pauli församling i Malmö som handlade om den sista viloplatsen och vad som finns att hämta själsligt på denna plats.